A New Home

In Jamaica, it is illegal to be homosexual. The interviewee who I spoken with explained to me on how the gossip can spread through a small village, where the community leader would be informed over who is homosexual. Gunshots have taken place against anyone suspected to be homosexual. There was an LGBT office however that was burnt down.

One client, who shall be referred to as R is a refugee from Jamaica, who had to seek support from a women’s aid shelter. She suffered against domestic abuse from her husband, her husband taking financial control and emotionally abusing her. He was cheating on her and eventually he kicked her out of the house, she had to seek refuge in a women’s aid for community support. She discovered her sexuality to be a lesbian when she was at a very young age, but there was no other way to learn about what being gay was. Asking if she has any children she said yes, 1 child, but she has not been in contact since leaving Jamaica.

R was able to safely arrive in Scotland in 2016, appealing for refuge to stay.  While her experiences as a refugee is limited due to earning £36.97 which is the standard for most refugees and asylum seekers. She also suffers disabilities due to back pains and asthma which is an issue living on the top floor of a building (with no support or payment for her disability). However, she is delighted with the acceptance for LGBT people in Scotland. She has also attended services with the Metropolitan Community Church which is known for LGBT+ acceptance.

written by David Hendry

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