Invisibility and Silence: Hate Crime Against East/ Southeast Asian Migrants in the UK

In order to create a safe society for all, my community and I have a role to play – in support and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement – we must become more vocal about our experiences to bring diverse narratives of racism that are not much spoken out about, writes Mariko Hayashi

What does coming out of lockdown mean for Southeast and East Asian UK migrants? – an interview with Mariko Hayashi

On June 26th, Cryton Chikoko and Stina Nölken of The BaRE UK spoke to Mariko Hayashi, a writer, independent researcher on human rights and migration, and director of the Southeast and East Asian Centre. Mariko talks about her experience of the lockdown as a Japanese migrant and her work to respond to the increase in racist abuse against Southeast and East Asian communities since the coronavirus outbreak.

How do asylum seekers weigh on British finance?

One of the common narratives of the rightwing is that the UK is being too generous to foreigners in the UK, especially asylum seekers, and that this effort weighs on Britain’s capacity to care for its own citizens. Well, is that true?